Chrysalis (Short Story)

Chrysalis is a short story written by myself and Patrick Crellin for The Yorker magazine online. Published Dec 2nd, 2016. Read the whole story here. Inspired by works such at The Witch (2015) and David Cronenberg's body horror, Chrysalis follows a wood-dwelling girl who learns how to live by observing a family from afar. The eldest daughter, Hope, seems to … Continue reading Chrysalis (Short Story)


Love & Friendship (Review) 🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳

Mark Kermode says that if you have a pulse, you should see this film. I agree wholeheartedly; don't worry if you don't like period dramas, ignore the nothing-y title and just watch it because I can promise you’ll enjoy the hell out of it. Love & Friendship is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s short novel … Continue reading Love & Friendship (Review) 🔳🔳🔳🔳🔳

The Nice Guys (Review) 🔳🔳◻️◻️◻️

The Nice Guys brings us Russell Crowe being brooding and wonderful and a fantastically involved Angourie Rice as Ryan Gosling’s daughter… but unfortunately that means we have to have Ryan Gosling whining along for the two hours as well. Set in 1977, The Nice Guys follows Jackson Healy (Crowe), a smalltime thug who likes a simple … Continue reading The Nice Guys (Review) 🔳🔳◻️◻️◻️

My Voice

There's something I've noticed since coming to uni; my voice isn't very strong. Both in that I can't hold a note at volume for very long (unless the music is so loud that I can’t actually hear my voice anymore) and the fact that I'm awful at holding my own in a discussion and eloquently … Continue reading My Voice